Stradbroke Weddings invited to lecture on event design at University of Queensland

We've been styling events for so long and our reputation for excellence in design is evident in the hundreds and hundreds of gorgeous events we have styled over the years.  Being recognised for our design work is testament to our originality and hard work and now we have been asked by University of Queensland to speak to their event school students on styling events.  We can't wait and we'll keep you posted on our work at UQ.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a professional styling team that creates individual and original designs, call or email us now at Stradbroke Weddings!

First Time Ever -DIY Workshops

Are you looking for a little more involvement in all aspects of your wedding?  Do you long to get your hands on a bunch of flowers and turn them into your own bridal bouquet and save money at the same time?

Have you ever wondered just how Stradbroke Weddings brings our client’s plans to fruition, while appearing so calm and collected?  Experience and knowledge is the key! 

If you’ve been asking yourself even one of these questions, Stradbroke Weddings has answered your prayers in our new series of hands-on, insider workshops.  Gained through nine years of working with couples on the Island, we will give you all the basics you need to create your DIY wedding on Stradbroke Island

All workshops are conducted in our convenient inner-city premises.  The price of our workshop includes all materials, tuition, printed handouts, supplier contacts and morning or afternoon tea.

Stradbroke Weddings Planning 101. 

This workshop is for those couples at the beginning of their wedding planning journey and will give you an overall, in-depth look at just how you can make your Island wedding dream a reality. 

We’ve been planning weddings on the Island for so many years, there’s nothing we don’t know about marrying on the Island.  For the first time, we are offering couples the benefit of our invaluable advice, knowledge and experience, normally reserved exclusively for clients of our individual wedding planning services.

In this workshop. we’ll discuss all logistics of marrying on the Island, likely costs and more.  We’ll workshop your ideas, discuss ceremony locations, venues and logistics and give you a detailed list of our recommended suppliers.  At the end of the workshop, you will leave with a detailed plan of how your Stradbroke Wedding will unfold, a free, step by step guide to work with throughout your planning, plus discount vouchers, special offers and more.  Following the workshop, we also include one half hour personal follow up phone consultation to assist with clarification, planning, trouble shooting or just a chat.  For just the cost of your workshop, you will find ways to avoid the pitfalls and ease the stress of planning your own wedding, while potentially saving you thousands of dollars.  Learn how to do all of this from the experts!  

For more information on this workshop please call or email our office and we’ll forward you a complete package with detailed explanation of the workshop, pricing and availability.

Stradbroke Weddings Advanced Planning

This workshop is specifically designed for couples who are in the latter stages of their planning and need assistance with trouble shooting, clarifying plans and generally rediscovering their sanity in the midst of supplier mazes, demanding relatives and even unruly bridal parties!  Over the years, we’ve seen our clients endure all manner of problems and have been on hand to solve their issues quickly, gently and with a minimum of fuss.  Allow our expert team to assist you to ease your burden, regain your sanity and streamline your plans to ensure a beautiful and seamless event.

We will give you a complete overview of marrying on the Island as well as supplier contacts. We’ll discuss the pitfalls you may encounter along your wedding planning journey and how to avoid them as well as reviewing all plans made to date including logistics, transport, weather options, catering styles and alcohol service, etc.   We’ll also answer your questions regarding ways to get the best from your service providers, venue and many budget saving secrets that your suppliers may not divulge but which could potentially save you thousands of dollars! 

We guarantee that at the end of this workshop, your plans will be back on track and streamlined and you will once again feel in control of your wedding and budget.

For more information on this workshop please call or email our office and we’ll forward you a complete package with detailed explanation of the workshop, pricing and availability.

Bridal flowers 101

Do you long to take a bunch of flowers and transform it into beautiful, individual bridal bouquet just like a professional florist?  Do you long for beautiful bridal flowers but the budget won’t stretch that far or are you someone who just wants to learn a new skill or do something wonderful for a friend who is marrying soon? 

If you answered yes, then we have the perfect workshop for you.  Our Bridal Bouquet 101 workshop will give you an overview of creating a spectacular bridal bouquet while saving big dollars. 

A large component of professional floristry prices consist of labour charges but now you can eliminate this cost by learning the professional tips and tricks and potentially save you hundreds of dollars.  Most bridal bouquets can be made one or two days in advance, so creating your own arrangements does not mean you will be wiring flowers on your wedding day.  You can even involve your family and bridal party in the fun and give everyone the chance to contribute and become involved in the festivities.

Award-winning Stradbroke Flowers have supplied literally thousands of gorgeous floral arrangements to our clients and have the experience and know-how to assist you to create your own, personal floral vision.  We’ve made all types of bouquets for all types of clients and from all sorts of materials, from gorgeous Lilies to simple greenery arrangements and even bouquets made from broccoli and strawberries, fulfilling even the most unusual requests, so when it comes to flowers, there’s not a lot we haven’t seen and done!

Whether marrying on Stradbroke Island or elsewhere, this workshop is for you and when you know the insider tips, you will soon understand that creating your own bouquet is not difficult once you know how.  In this workshop, we will teach you step by step how to make your own beautiful bouquet and matching Groom’s boutonnière. We will give you a comprehensive overview of bridal bouquets styles, suitable flowers, seasonal availability and all the tips you will need to care for your flowers in the lead up to your day, including timing to ensure open blooms, weather considerations and storage to ensure optimum floral vibrancy and health.

You will take home an easy to follow guide of everything covered in this workshop so that nothing you’ve learned will be forgotten, ensuring that you can give your full attention to learning in class.

In addition to learning the basic theories behind choosing and handling flowers, this is a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to wire and tape flowers and create your own beautiful hand-tied posie bouquet and Groom’s boutonnière to take home and enjoy in the days that follow! 

Your workshop includes all the equipment you need to create your bouquet and boutonnière, including a selection of beautiful fresh flowers, florist equipment, tapes, pins, ribbons, etc. You will have your own workspace to give you the freedom to create at will… There is nothing you need to bring along except your enthusiasm!  You don’t even need to be especially creative.  Floristry is a skill that everyone can learn and we will teach you everything you need to know to create balance, shape and beauty in your arrangement.

You will also have the opportunity to browse our huge range of floristry equipment on display and shop for all your professional floristry needs in the one place.  This is the perfect opportunity for those who wish to save money on their wedding day, learn a new skill, or simply have the chance to show off and impress friends with a new talent!


This is also a great activity for Hen’s parties and we offer special, tailored packages for this type of workshop, which include entertainment, champagne and canapés.  Please contact us for more details.

For more information on this workshop please call or email our office and we’ll forward you a complete package with detailed explanation of the workshop, pricing and availability.