Marrying on North Stradbroke Island

Situated just off the Queensland coast and only 30 minutes from Brisbane, lies beautiful North Stradbroke Island.

A short ferry or water taxi ride across Moreton Bay and you will arrive on Stradbroke Island, one of the largest and most picturesque islands in the world. Although so close to Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, you and your guests will feel like they’re a million miles from the cares of city life. No wonder it has become a holiday favourite with local, interstate and international visitors alike.

If you’ve ever dreamt of the perfect, romantic wedding along miles of deserted, white sandy beaches or a ceremony atop majestic cliffs and bluffs overlooking gorges where dolphins, whales and turtles frolic amongst clear aqua waves, then Stradbroke Island is your wedding destination.

From its cliffs and beaches to its secluded lakes and unspoilt bushland, Stradbroke Island can satisfy even the most individual couple’s wedding wishes.

In addition, Stradbroke Island is home to award winning chefs, a variety of function centres, restaurants and reception venues. So whether you’ve imagined a formal dinner reception, a breezy white marquee on a beach or an intimate cocktail party in your private home overlooking a panorama of the Pacific Ocean, Stradbroke Island is sure to surpass your wedding expectations.

Overseas and Interstate clients

Stradbroke Weddings offers couples residing overseas and interstate the opportunity to liaise with our professional team to style and plan their wedding from the comfort of their own home, without ever needing to step foot on the Island until the day of their wedding! We have had the pleasure of styling and organisng all types of weddings for our clients, from as far afield as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France, U.S.A, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Africa as well as every state within Australia.

Stradbroke Weddings will assist you to plan your wedding from beginning to end, including sourcing the perfect ceremony location and venue, service providers, decorations and flowers. After our initial consultation by phone, our professional team of staff will keep you informed every step of the way through regular emails, phone calls, faxes, mail and text messages – you choose your preferred method of communication!

Our contact with clients throughout the planning process includes regular planning updates and supplying detailed information, maps and photographs of locations, venues, hire equipment and decorations so you will know exactly how your event will be styled and themed and what to expect on the day. It is imperative to us that your wedding unfolds exactly as you imagined and we pride ourselves on achieving this 100% of the time for 100% of our clients.

Why Hire a Wedding coordinator?

Who says weddings are hard work?

Almost anyone who’s ever planned a wedding, that’s who! Just ask any recent bride or groom and they’ll no doubt have a list a mile long of the problems and stressful tasks associated with styling and planning even the most simple of weddings.

Statistics now show that the avergae wedding takes around 300 hours of planning. Over the course of a year, that’s the equivelant of a part time job!

Yet, it needn’t be so – Weddings are a celebration of love, family and friends and there’s no reason why planning them shouldn’t be too – that’s where Stradbroke Weddings come in!

For discerning couples, engaging a wedding coordinator is the method of choice to assist them find their way through the wedding maze.

If you want a spectacular and stress-free wedding, are already juggling a fulltime career and have limited time, hiring a wedding consultant may be the answer.

Stradbroke Weddings will:

Save you time:

Stradbroke Weddings offers our clients choices from our extensive list of professional service providers both on the Island and mainland, thus eliminating weeks of investigation, travel, phone calls, emails and stress.

Allow us to assist you to style and plan each detail of your event efficiently through our reliable contacts and networks. Stradbroke Weddings will walk you gently through every moment of the planning process to ensure that your celebration is tailored to your specific wishes and needs. We also offer our clients a range of complimentary services and access to a number of venues and professional service providers on the Island who are exclusive to Stradbroke Weddings.

Save money:

Stradbroke Weddings is committed to assisting you to keep your event within budget. We understand that once the ‘wedding juggernaut” begins, it is sometimes difficult to maintain financial control, therefore, after determining your budget, we source the perfect service provider for your needs from our extensive database and on your behalf, negotiate the best possible price without compromising the quality of your event.

Because we use our service providers on a regular basis, we are often able to access extra services and discounts than are available to members of the public. We also offer our clients substantial discounts on marquees through our exclusive provider, saving them, in some instances, thousands of dollars.

Eliminate stress:

Throughout your wedding planning, Stradbroke Weddings will be available for advice on anything from champagne to bouquets, or honeymoons to hairstyles, and can even act as an intermediary between couples and well-meaning, but over-enthusiastic, relatives!

In addition, our extensive and intimate knowledge of the way the Island functions as well as its’ service providers, locations and venues, ensures that you have a local advocate to liaise, negotiate and trouble-shoot on your behalf.

Stradbroke Weddings also offers seamless event coordination on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly, and if a rain shower should come your way, we’ll even be there on site to offer you and your guests our large, white golf umbrellas, which also make for fun and dramatic photographs – nothing is left to chance!

Our extensive experience working in all types of locations and situations means that you can relax – we pride ourselves on providing the most reliable and suitable recommendations, taking the guess work out of your event and eliminating the chance of disappointment on the big day.

“Quality is remembered, long after the price is forgotten”